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Welcome! This is the online home for my work as saxophonist, improviser and composer, including some articles about my approach to practicing the saxophone, which I hope may be helpful to those of you who play. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the music.

To listen to and buy my music, and stay updated on new releases, you can follow me on Bandcamp:


Tenor and soprano saxophonist, improviser and composer Catherine Sikora was first electrified by the sound of air vibrating in a metal tube when, as a child, she heard the wind playing tones and overtones in a metal gate. She has devoted her life to researching the magic of that sound with her saxophones, particularly in her solo work, which forms the main backbone of her creative output.

Catherine’s first solo album ‘Jersey’ was released on Relative Pitch Records in July 2016. She followed this with ‘Warrior‘, an all-soprano saxophone solo recording in 2019. Her next solo tenor recording, ‘Sanctuary‘, recorded live in Paris in summer of 2020, was released in fall 2020.

In addition to her solo work, Sikora works frequently in duo and larger settings, with Eric Mingus, Brian Chase, Ursel Schlicht, Ethan Winogrand, Ross Hammond, Christopher Culpo and Matteo Liberatore. She is proud to be one third of the joyful rowdiness that is Eris 136199.

Sikora is active as an educator, working with students on the fundamentals of music and on advanced concepts of improvisation and strategies for creativity, as well as on overcoming performance anxiety and other musical inhibitions. She teaches masterclasses and private lessons, both in person and online. Feel free to reach out through the contact page on this site if you wish to inquire about lessons.

Press quotes:

“Sikora is a virtuosic firebrand whose star is on the rise”—The Brooklyn Rail

“Catherine Sikora est une révélation, son jeu oblique, sensible et lumineux offrant un contrepoint idéal aux élucubrations crépusculaires de ses partenaires. Le ténor adopte une approche décidément tonale et mélodique, et néanmoins exploratoire. D’un bout à l’autre un set sans concession aucune, dont on ressort essoré, mais ravi que de telles expériences soient tentées. Art music”—Jazz Magazine, France 

Sikora’s performances are passionate and commanding. If there was any doubt that she ranks among the best of today’s avant-garde jazz players, this disc is a triumphant response”—Kevin Press,

Sikora resembles [Evan] Parker on tenor saxophone in that she has created a personal language in which she sublimates technique according to what she wants to achieve and maintains a discernible relationship to the free jazz tradition in her syntax; she recalls another English saxophonist, John Butcher, in her absolute control and deployment of overtones. Where she remains distinct from both Butcher and Parker is in how she incorporates such dissonance into a stream of delicate abstract lyricism”John Sharpe, New York City Jazz Record

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